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Agency Banking

Send money safely and securely with peace of mind both Locally and Internationally using our Mobile Money & Agency Banking services.

Agency Banking

We are an authorized agent for FDH and NBS Banks in Malawi offering banking services to unbanked community using both cash and electronic platforms to effect money transfers (deposits, and payments) under their respective Banki Pakhomo and Bank Pafupi facilities.

Under the agency banking, customers will be able to access their money beyond banking hours by utilizing Smart Pay (mobile payments), Ufulu Digital Account (a bank account opened using any phone number), bill payments, airtime purchase, mini statements view, transfers to FDH Bank and other banks and FDH Wallet.
Under the Ufulu Digital Account customers will access banking services through their phone number and withdraw money cardless at any of the widely spread FDH ATMs across the country, or transact on the FDH mobile platform.

When you visit our agency for any transaction, there will be authenticity in each and every transaction processed through issuance of receipts.
Together we champion mass financial inclusion and reduce the digital gap between the rural and urban communities!